Client Subscriber Terms and Conditions 

No person may use Studio Services without a deposit or a monthly subscription (for discounted services). Debit/Credit card must be on file for monthly billing and the Client authorizes the Studio and the Studio Director to charge the associated card on file according to the terms of this agreement. After the initial payment, a mutual recurring schedule shall be established and agreed to between the Studio Director and the Client securing Three (3) days of recording per month. The Contract Period is FOUR (4) billing cycles. This value amounts to Twelve (12) song projects for $400.00. The client may elect to extend the contract period by any means of Communication of the following to the Studio Director: Phone, Fax, Email, or in-Person that Client requests to extend the contract period for additional Studio Services. Client agrees, consents, grants to Studio or Studio Director recourse to Collections of any past due/outstanding balance of Studio Obligations Defaulted under by himself or by agent or third party. The Studio and Studio Director reserves the right to terminate any contract for any reason at his reasonable discretion. 


Account: Financial ledger for Client's payment, purchases, and balance of Studio Obligations. 

Account reinstatement fee: A charge of $100 shall be applied to the Client's account if monthly payment defaults and the balance is not cleared 24 hours before the Client's next scheduled recording session. 

Cancellation fee: A charge of $50 shall be applied to the Client account if the Client doesn't appear for a scheduled session, or if the Client cancels for non-emergency reasons 24 hours before Client's scheduled session. 

Client: Person or agent for the person in which Studio Services shall be performed for. 

Collections: Recovery of outstanding Studio Obligation owed by Client to Studio. 

Communication: Phone: 312-788-4110; Fax 1-866-855-2311; Email: 

Contract Period: The time span between initial payment and termination. 

Contract Termination: The end of Studio Services obligated to Client, and the end of financial obligations of Client Studio for Studio Services, and the removal of Client payment method for Studio Obligations. 

Default: Thirty (30) days after non-payment of past due Studio Obligations. 

Deposit: Client payment for Studio Services NOT under a subscription contract/agreement. 

Indemnification: Studio serves the Client in a business model to benefit the Client. Studio shall be indemnified from all liability for unauthorized music production clearances used in music production projects instructed by the Client. Studio Director uses his legal discretion to a place cleared samples projects, however, Studio nor Studio Director shall be liable for unauthorized samples used in the projects, unless gross negligence occurs to the contrary. 

Recurring Schedule: the commitment of meeting for the performance of Studio Services agreed to between Client and Studio to dates on a monthly calendar after Client's initial payment. 

Refund: Studio Payment returned to the client for valid emergency-related cancellations (to be determined by Studio Director. No refunds in general after completion of Client's first song, but before the second song under the contract period due to Client's dissatisfaction of Studio Services quality only. 

Our: Studio and Studio Director 

Payment: Delivery of money/funds from Client to Studio, or Studio to Client under the terms of a refund. Payment from client to Studio shall be Debit/Credit card via Studio's Website: 

Studio: Fortune Forever Records. 310 Tiffany Court Suite F, Champaign, Illinois [61822]. 

Studio Director: DeVon Carlo; Music professional authorized to legally act/bind Studio to contracts and to perform Studio Services on behalf of Studio. 

Studio Obligations: Any outstanding balance not cleared (zeroed) of a Client Account. 

Studio Service(r)s: Professionals who/which render the services of recording, mixing, editing, production and mastering according to the standard of the definition in the music industry/profession. 

Binding upon the parties: By clicking subscribe button to be a Client Subscriber of Our Studio Services, the parties Agree and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein between DeVon Carlo (Studio Director) and the Client.