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1000 sqft. luxury studio with 10 ft. hardwood cedar ceilings featuring a control room, large isolated vocal booth, production room, kitchen, and a comfortable private conference lounge with business class high-speed internet access (50Mbs), Wifi, XBox ONE, fax, and printer.   


We were built on "use what you have well" methods. We use a variety of proprietary and third-party applications, electronics, and hardware. We have high-quality mics, a gigantic selection of top plugins,  and high-quality preamps. If you need something we don't have, we can get it. Our sound is engineered to be big, clean/transparent, and capture the desired results of each of our clients worldwide.

Mics: C214, C414

Preamps: Midas, ADL 600

Console: Behringer X32

Monitors: JBL